Gather Up Your Soul



“What do querulous seagulls, wresting alligators and human questioning have in common? In the rhythm and rhyme of Bartholomew Erbach, they invite us to a spirituality of the present moment. Gather Up Your Soul artfully blends poetry and photography to establish a thematic framework for living. The message is simple. Where am I? Here. What time is it? Now. Now is the answer to all that ails us.”

~ Charles H. Green–Author of  The Trusted Advisor




“This exceptional collection of poems and photographs reminds us that the sacred is not something to be aspired to, but to rediscover each day in the small moments of our lives. ‘What is it in us that wants to be seen?’ the poet Bartholomew John Erbach asks? The answer might well be, the world in all its mystery, messiness and beauty. The photographs of Sarah M. Clarehart breathe life into the poems and together they engage in an elegant dance of gratitude for the gift of days.”

~ Judith Valente–Correspondent, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, PBS-TV




Gather Up Your Soul is a feast for the mind, eyes, and heart. Bartholomew Erbach is a modern seeker who fearlessly faces confusion and brilliantly embraces wisdom. His exploration is beyond any narrow framework or tradition, and he invites everyone to walk together on this path of nourishing the spirit.”

~ Katie Malachuk–Author of You’re Accepted




Gather Up Your Soul is a unique spiritual and literary experience. Anyone who reads it will turn to superlatives to describe it. I found it unforgettable.”

~ Thomas Fleming–Author of The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers




“Bartholomew John Erbach’s poems begin in melancholy and longing, derived not merely from events

but from existence. Salvation inevitably comes from embracing the moment—the woman, the child—to

emerge into light and enlightenment. Gather Up Your Soul is a search for individual peace out of cosmic

pain through simple joys—“Dinner’s cooking/Angels fill the house/I’m home.”

~ Nicholas Acocella–Author of  The New Biographical History of Baseball





“Bartholomew Erbach’s poetry expresses deep appreciation for the richness and detail of everyday life. He generously shares his joys, pains and sorrows with us. I especially liked the last verse of “Ode to Walt”—That sensual and soft/Ode to nature’s rhyme/The divine/In our daily walk. It serves as a reminder that the ordinary can become sublime when we are able take off the blinders that keep us from gathering up our souls.”

~ Caren Herzog, Certified Professional Coach

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